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Ballers consulting helps you to build an e-commerce empire. With our knowledge and experience you will gain an unfair advantage to your competition.

Ecom isn't magic, it's knowledge and experience.


Guaranteed 5 Figure results.

What seems to you as an incredible milestone is a daily routine for us. We are tremendously confident in our ability and get you to that first turning point in your ecom journey and will not stop working with you until we do.

All secrets, all infrastructure.

Over several years we built a backend structure consisting of the best suppliers, influencers, video creators and virtual assistants. You will receive the whole infrastructure for free because your success is our success.


Everything taught to you.

In order for you to be successful in e-commerce, it is crucial to know the secrets behind building profitable stores. That’s why you will have calls with one of the owners personally who will teach you the ever-changing strategies needed.


Done for you by professionals.

Every online store, no matter how successful, has hiccups and problems that have to be solved correctly to ensure a long-term profit. Proven results and successful stores enable us to do that on a daily basis.

We provide the full stack|

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Product research
Finding a winning product
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Store creation
Building a high revenue e-commerce website from scratch
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Store management
From customer support over product fulfillment through refunds all the way to store changes, everything is taken care of
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Ad creation
developing highly converting and engaging ads with our specialized framework
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Ad management
Navigation of the complex environment of Facebook ads to make even the worst ads profitable
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Virtual assistant
Reduction of refunds and incredible customer experience
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Private supplier
High-quality products at the lowest price and fast shipping times
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Brand building
Custom creatives and amazing customer experience in combination with influencer marketing
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Ad optimization
Using proven in-house testing methods in order to achieve maximized results
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Backend optimization
Improving offer, product page, product price, ad creative, and ad copy
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Personal influencer
Through trial and error we collected a list of high-quality influencers that deliver results every time
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Consulting Call
Teaching you the ever-changing strategies needed in order to be successful in e-commerce

Battle tested and proven results

We don't provide you with certificates, degrees credentials, badges or attendance awards. We provide you with real business results: customers, growth, profit, self-improvement and success.

21 Active Students
$1.2Mio. Monthly Generated Revenue
1 Millionaire Students


Real results

The services provided within YouTube Academy have been refined for years. Promising you the results you deserve.

Passive income

Never trade your time for income again. The services provided by YouTube Academy all ensure to help you create the passive income of your dreams.

Experienced guidance

Through my experiences within the business of YouTube automation I have gathered years worth of knowledge and created affordable and valuable services.

Our eBook

The YouTube Academy eBook provides immense knowledge on the secret inner workings of YouTube automation and the YouTube algorithm.
This includes topics such as:
- How To Gain Your First 1000 Subscribers
- High CPM Niches
- The YPC Method
- The Rule of 33
- How To Create Viral Videos
- A Lesson in Mindset
- And much more!

Personal Mentorship

The YouTube Academy personal mentorship program lasts for a whole month and aims to create a highly successful automated cash cow channel for yourself.
This mentorship offers:
- The eBook with specific insights from your mentor
- Assistance in picking a high CPM niche
- 24/7 personal contact to your mentor
- An optimized channel completely set up and branded, ready to be used instantly.
- Monetization of your channel in only 30 days!
- Any issues face during your YouTube automation journey will be personally solved by your mentor.
- And much more!

YouTube Accademy Testimonials

" I purchased the YouTube Academy Automation Program and it changed my life. My mentor Alex guided me through every challenge I faced, and the channel he provided was already set up so I could begin making money as soon as possible. My channel recently replaced my day job. 10/10"

– Gary L.

" The YouTube Academy eBook was a complete eye opener, I thought I knew about YouTube automation, but this eBook proved me wrong! Will be purchasing the accelerator program as Alex truly shows that he is an expert though this eBook"

– Corey W.

YouTube Academy Accelerator Program

₹ 109,795.99 INR ₹ 183,138.99 INR

- I personally build your channel in a high CPM niche

- Content creation team will be hired for you

- Graphics designer will be hired for you

- An optimal upload schedule will be created

- SEO and metadata optimization will be done for you

- Personal contact with an expert to guide you through any issues you may face

- BONUS: YouTube Academy Course (RRP $397)

- BONUS: Invite to the discord mastermind group

YouTube Academy Automation Program

₹ 549,855.99 INR ₹ 1,099,930.99 INR

- 100% fully automated YouTube channel

- I will pick the best niche for your channel based off current trends

- I hire the team to create content and manage your channel

- I replicate one of my pre-existing channels

- Personal guidance from myself to help you grow and promote your channel

- Everything is done for you, this program is the only one on the market that will allow you to replicate my success of over $100,000 per month.

- BONUS: YouTube Academy Accelerator Program (RRP$1497)

- BONUS: YouTube Academy Course (RRP $397)

- BONUS: Invite to discord mastermind group

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